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?????Tired of chasing data across the globe? Securely automate and manage your global payroll data, with insightful payroll reports, analytics and mobile access for your employees.

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Unity® [ ˈyo͞onətē ] the quality or state of being united or joined as a whole

We’re not like many other payroll service companies. We don’t use outdated legacy systems that are costly and difficult to maintain. Our technology was inspired by our pursuit to become the recognized leader of multi-country payroll services in the world, and to help our Clients leverage their technology investments. So we built Unity®, a fit-for-purpose system that unifies our Clients’ data with our in-country payroll experts, cleverly combining country-specific nuances with global data consistency in a clear and simple format.

UnityAs a Client, you can facilitate your entire global payroll process from a web-based solution. And you can provide your global employees mobile access to their in-country pay statements – in local language and currency.

Unity® Integration Services

If you are responsible for global payroll at your organization, then chances are, you have spent countless hours trying to integrate your multiple systems, across multiple countries where data is complicated and hard to understand. With our Unity® Integration Services, your existing Human Capital Management, Time, Benefits, Time and ERP systems can be easily integrated within a single environment – not country-by-country – so you don’t have the headache of those expensive ERP upgrades.

You don’t have to worry about spending inordinate amount of time each pay period creating multiple general ledger files or manual journal entries from multiple countries, legal entities, payrolls, and currencies. With our Unity® Integration Services, you can receive electronic files by country and payroll, aligned with your chart of accounts, whether you use a common chart format or multiple formats, for easy integration in your Company’s financial system.

Workday PartnerAs a matter of fact, Unity’s® ingenious integration framework and our many Workday Client successes helped earn SafeGuard World to be named as Workday’s Cloud Partner of the Year. Discover how we provide Workday clients with a “certified integration” between Workday’s Global HCM Solution and our SaaS-based Unity payroll solution.

Unity® Global Reporting

You expect to have country-specific payroll and statutory reports. But trying to make sense of payroll data at a global level can be confusing, with multiple languages, currencies, and varying pay concepts. With Unity®, you will have access to payroll data at the most granular level available in the payroll marketplace. Not only does it unify front-end data capture, but all in-country gross-to-net data is available in a single, unified repository, fully harmonized so that you can readily make sense of data, whether it’s from Argentina, China, Belgium or South Africa. Plus, Unity® maintains all in-country detail at the actual currency paid, with the ability to convert to any reporting currency that makes sense for your business. Stop chasing data from around the world and harness the power of specific payroll metrics at your fingertips, such as labor costs by country and employee specific details.

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