Total Workforce Costs

global-hr-consultant2What if you had easy access to your global payroll information in a consistent format across all of the countries where you have employees?  By outsourcing your Global Managed Payroll, you will have granular level access into your “Big HR Data” and complete visibility of your Total Workforce Costs.

Download our Article—Global Managed Payroll Unlocks Key Data

Article Global Managed Payroll Unlocks Key Data

Our kind of global payroll visibility is unprecedented. With our solution, you could improve cash forecasting, compare actual to budget variances, optimize pay ranges, manage allowances and overtime policies, and enjoy a new level of understanding of the true cost of your global workforce.  This is what the power of ”Big Data” is all about.

Traditionally, an analyst would have to spend days, if not weeks, consolidating data across a plethora of systems and multiple vendors, interpreting what “salary” and other pay items actually mean in one country versus another and with various languages, and, then of course, converting different currencies with ever-changing exchange rates. And by then, the data is – well, dated.

With our big data for payroll solution, we will unify your accounting, HCM and vendor management systems across your global footprint, so you can create reports that are transparent, easy to digest, and provide the essential information you need to make informed decisions.

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