Global Managed Payroll

Less worry about global compliance. More time to build a better workforce.

Paying Employees in Any Country Is Easy. Promise.

SafeGuard World removes the complexity from your global payroll first, then enables you to build a better team.

Get Compliant

Unknown risk is more dangerous than the known. Fix known compliance issues in any country. Faster than you can say, “penalty.”

Find Errors Before They Happen

Is there anything more frustrating than restarting the payroll process over and over? We match payroll inputs to payroll outputs and reduce your risk for errors. You sleep better. Auditors will buy you lunch.

Clarity in Every Country

We speak every language, and we fund every currency. You work smarter with Predictive PayrollTM. Gain consistency and a view into every payroll process. A view you understand, the same way, for every country around the world.

Be More Than Just a Process

Everyone expects payroll to be right. There is no victory in proper payroll. Manage the things the C-Suite cares about: total workforce spend. Turn payroll data into workforce insights that your CEO will notice.

Fast. Efficient. Effective.

We provide viable, quick-to-implement global payroll solutions. See how Ascende benefited from our global payroll service in a short timeframe.

How It Works

Partner with us to pay your employees around the world. Less stress. Less chaos. One model. Enjoy the time to make the right decisions for your workforce and provide a whole new level of insight to the C-Suite.

Step 1: Integrate with HCM

HRIS integrations are not created equal. Pre-certified integrations with companies like Workday simplify HCM integration to drive the payroll process right from your master system of record.

Don’t have an HCM? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Just send us your payroll data and we’ll get the data into Unity. Simply and accurately, the first time.

Step 2: Validate Data Upfront (In Every Country)

We validate data to local requirements at the point of entry. We validate your zero-to-gross pay before it’s processed. We validate. You worry less.

Step 3: Distribute to Local Partner

Our in-country partner (ICP) calculates the gross-to-net according to local statutory guidelines.

Step 4: End Process Reconciliation

SafeGuard payroll experts perform an end-of-process check that validates your instructions against the gross-to-net output. All the data. Every country. All in one place.

Step 5: A Literal, Global View of Payroll

Data is just data. You need to tell stories to captivate the C-suite. Our Unity platform gives you access to all your data along with powerful data visualizations to enable your data storytelling.

Looking to better manage
global payroll?

We can help!