Global Employment Outsourcing

It’s simple. Hire employees internationally – without having a local entity.

Solve Global Employment Challenges and Reclaim Time

SafeGuard World hires workers in more than 175 countries on behalf of organizations of all sizes. We help free organizations from managing the intricacies of global HR and payroll, so you can focus on growing your business.

Save Time

Reduce the burden on your internal teams and get into country faster. We have pre-existing entities so you don’t have to waste time setting them up.

Reduce Risk

Mitigate HR and payroll compliance risk across your international workers and contractors.

Grow Faster

While your competitors are reading compliance law, gain access to over 175 countries in as little as two weeks.

Save Money

Setting up entities is expensive. Maintaining them over time can cost even more. We do all the logistical lifting. We are the entity; we get them paid. You focus on your resources and growing your business.

Let Us Handle the Complexity

This is all we do. We have the expertise to handle any regulatory issue a country can throw at us.

Solve Tough Global Employment Challenges

Hundreds of organizations trust SafeGuard World to support their expansion into new countries. Let us handle your global HR and the complexities of global employment.

See how we helped transform the revenues of one San Francisco-based startup Vaco.

How It Works

Be live within two weeks

We act as the “employer of record” for your international employees. SafeGuard World is responsible for all statutory employment requirements within each country, ensuring operating compliance for employee and client. This leaves you to manage the day-to-day activities of the employee and focus on your business.

Step 1: Onboarding Call

We guide you through country-specific legislation such as local taxes, labor laws and regulations, and in-country benefits.

Step 2: Customized Employment Contract Review

We prepare the employment contract and steer you through any specific customization options your company requires – while maintaining compliance with legal statutes and customary local market-accepted practices.

Step 3: Employee Begins Work

Upon your final review and approval of the employment contract, your employee begins, reporting day-to-day to your organization, while remaining compliantly employed by us.

Step 4: Pay Employees and Remit Taxes

We administer payroll and expense payments to your employee, and oversee payments and tax filings to local authorities. We work alongside you to manage any ongoing HR issues, including any terminations as required.

Step 5: Simple Billing

You receive a single invoice per country detailing your employee’s salary, social costs, commissions, and service fees.

What happens when I grow?

As you expand, our expertise and support teams ease the complexity of hiring and terminating global employees. Adding additional employees — or even new countries — is as simple as informing your dedicated point-of-contact. We then guide you through the hiring and employment process, all within two weeks.

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