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“We saw the industry cobbling together fragmented global payroll systems… we knew there was a better way.”

  • Tristan Woods
    Chief Strategy Officer
    SafeGuard World International

Learn more from our Chief Guardian, Bjorn Reynolds:

Having started as a UK domestic payroll company, we identified a huge gap in the marketplace relating to global payroll. We looked at the market and saw a handful of payroll providers cobbling together solutions with dated technologies, disparate and incompatible systems.  Our multinational clients deserved better.

That was back in 2008. Today, we are a team of passionate professionals–affectionately known as “Guardians”–who manage our purpose-built SaaS-based technology system, Unity®, with unparalleled commitment to client service. We help businesses manage and grow their international workforce.

If you need help managing the complexities relating to global HR and are looking for a partner with a commitment to success not seen elsewhere in the industry, you should call us. We want to hear about your compliance challenges, your global HR strategies and your plans for international expansion.

We invite you to learn more about why Gartner Research has designated SafeGuard World International as a “disrupter” in the global payroll marketplace and how we are helping both Fortune 500 and growing businesses streamline their global payroll and international HR processes and mitigate their global HR risks.